Live Round Jury

Jon Nakamatsu

United States of America

Nokuthula Ngwenyama
United States of America

Xidi Shen

The detailed Jury Rules and Voting Procedures for the live rounds of the Competition can be found here. All information in the attached is correct at the time of publication but subject to change at any time.

We thank Elizabeth Loucks Samson for sponsoring the Jury Chairman.

(Note: due to a family emergency, Lynn Harrell has had to withdraw as a juror from the Competition. However, he is still scheduled to perform the Brahms Trio in A Minor, Op. 114 with the 3 Finalists on Saturday, June 16. Lars Anders Tomter has been appointed as the new Jury Chairman. Please see here for the current schedule of Competition events.)

Screening Jury

Elias Goldstein
(Jury Chairman)

United States of America

Ames Asbell
United States of America

Caroline Coade
United States of America

Ayane Kozasa

Katrin Meidell
United States of America

The screening jury was charged with the daunting task of whittling down over 150 candidates (each having submitted three videos) to just 24 live round competitors. Any juror having a familial relationship or a current or former teaching/professional relationship with an applicant was requested to declare the relationship and abstained from voting on that particular applicant’s performances.